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yoga workshops for women suffering from endometriosis

Many women suffer from endometriosis and painful period. Each month, this disease can prevent us from doing everything we would like to do by generating a huge amount of pain, fatigue and anxiety. This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to reduce your suffering and find some relief through deep relaxation.

I have personally experienced how much yoga in a broad way can help with endometriosis, especially when including breath and mindfulness exercises. Yoga can help reducing stress and stress reduction will help reducing inflammation. Practicing yoga is not a miracle method, but a tool worth knowing for pain management. Furthermore, yoga is widely taught in a male fashion with a focus on locking the key areas of the body from where endometriosis pain actually come.

Consequently this workshop will offer you a yoga practice respectful of the female body and its cycles. Connecting to our breath and improving it, practicing poses for deep rest or for releasing pain-related tensions and reconnecting to the lower belly, pelvis and lower back areas will be the main goals of this workshop. I will teach you how to create a warm, safe and comforting environment where you can deeply relax.

The workshop targets endometriosis and menstrual pain in particular, but would also benefit any woman, suffering from menstrual pain or not, and it is accessible at any moment of your cycle.

Content: body awareness exercises, breathing techniques, yin and restorative yoga poses, deep relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation

Length: 2 hours

How much? Rates fixed with the studio offering the workshop

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