more about me 

I am a French yoga teacher since 2016.


I used to be a manager. It was a deeply stressful time... but I started practising yoga. It was not a miracle remedy, but I first learnt how to breathe. Then I learnt how my body worked.  

I practice yoga since 2009 and have been teaching since 2016. In 2016 I attended my first yoga teacher training in hatha yoga with Samyak Yoga School, in India and since then I keep training: restorative yoga with Lizzie Lasater (2017-2018), yin yoga with Cécile Roubaud (2020), pre and post natal yoga with Dr de Gasquet institute (2018), yoga for women with Tatiana Elle (2019), applied anatomy with Doctor Yogi (2020-21)... 



As a teacher I try to convey what I learn everyday with sincerity and happiness; because a yoga class is not just a flow of poses!

After teaching for two years in Paris, I moved to Burgundy to be closer to nature and I have now settled in Scotland where I am also planning on becoming a hiking guide. 

I practise yoga daily and keep learning. There is nothing I love more than being a student! I meditate regularly and I am also interested in vegetarian cooking. 

When I'm not on a yoga mat, I also sing, hike or write on a weekly basis. 

You may read some of my students' testimonies here (in French and English) and follow me on Facebook