yoga programme for women suffering from endometriosis

Particularly aware of the issues coming from being affected with endometriosis and the enormous pain this disease can generate, I offer support through a dedicated yoga programme for women suffering from it. 

I have personally experienced how much yoga in a broad way can help with this disease, especially when you include breathing and mindfulness exercises. Therefore I have based this programme on my own experience.

I am deeply convinced that every woman suffering from endometriosis would benefit from a regular and appropriate yoga practice. Yoga can help reducing stress and stress reduction will help reducing inflammation.

The yoga practice is not a miracle method, but a tool worth knowing. 


Yoga is widely taught in a male fashion, with a focus on locking the key areas of the body from where endometriosis pain actually come.  

Consequently I want to offer a yoga practice respectful of the female body and its cycles. Since endometriosis can become a handicaping disease, we will work on rebuilding our self-esteem in order to feel tall, strong, beautiful and proud


Having trained in women’s yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga but also in anatomy and meditation, I offer several options according to your needs

Learning to breathe, practice poses for deep rest or for releasing pain-related tensions and reconnecting to the lower belly and lower back areas will be the main goals for each class. I will teach you how to create a warm, safe and comforting environment where you can deeply relax. 


Yoga à la maison
What I offer:


  • For those who have never had yoga before, an introductory class will be offered; 

  • Deep restorative classes for crisis moments, during which we will use mostly restorative yoga, meditation, visualising and pranayama (appropriate breathe work); 


  • Gentle classes, including more movement, during which we’ll practice hatha and yin yoga but also meditation and pranayama. 


Image de Anton Shuvalov


  • endometriosis-targeted yoga initiation: a personal and confidential one-to-one meeting (or online call) for 30 min; two yoga classes of 1.5h each, one on full moon and one on new moon: £90 (hence £40 a 1.5h one-to-one); £80 discounted rate. 


  • One month individualised support:  

Option 1: a personal and confidential one-to-one meeting (or online call) for 30 min; one 1.5h-weekly class and one weekly 30-min meditation: £250, £220 discounted rate. 


Option 2: a personal and confidential one-to-one meeting (or online call) for 30 min; two1.5h-weekly classes and one weekly 30-min meditation: £410, £380 discounted rate. 


  • Long-term individualised support:

Same options as over a month, with a 10% discount each additional month, from the 2d month, on full rates only. 


With each of the individualised support options comes a small recap guide for some of the techniques we will use so you can practice them quietly at home. 


Rates are based on one-to-one classes. Each option is available for small parties, up to 5 persons. You will just need to add 15% for each additional person, based on the full rate. 


The discounted rate is offered to students, unemployed or just any woman in a precarious situation. Money should never be an issue to your wellbeing, please feel free to contact me to discuss it


At the moment, I can only offer online tuition.